Why C is a better choice than Python to start your programming journey?

One day my friends were discussing their favorite programming language. I
started thinking about mine. Suddenly, a question popped up, "What's your favorite programming language, Ritik ?".

Everything in my mind was in the favor of C. Yes, C is my favorite programming language. Now, why? Why not python, having a tag for the simplest programming language in the world? Its simplicity is the main reason that I don't like to code in python.
C is for learners. It opens our brain to the door of the infinite capability to analyze problems and then to solve problems logically and more efficiently.

A programmer is less of a coder and more of a problem solver.

I think the beauty of programming lies in the logic of the code and how a programmer has put his brain in computer to make computers more intelligent than humans. Inbuilt functions don't compel us to write our own logic to code.
Other reasons are, C is the fastest, more close to the hardware, and a few others.

Hence, C makes our base strong enough to learn new technologies easily and makes us better programmers. 

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